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Independent foster care in the North East

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How can I become a foster carer?

Fostering is open to people from all walks of life. We’re here to walk you through every step of your journey.

How can I transfer to The Fostering Company?

If you’re an existing foster carer looking to transfer to us, here’s everything you need to know.

Meet our foster families

Hear from our foster families and discover what it’s like to foster with The Fostering Company.

What our foster carers say

What is it like to walk a day in the shoes of a foster carer? Find out from from some of our brilliant foster families.

"The aim is to help these children grow up in a stable loving home, whether that’s for a short or long period of time."


"These relationships with social workers and foster carers, I believe are crucial to children and young people’s experience and positive outcomes."


"Fostering allows me to try and give a more permanent positive effect to a child’s life."

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What’s happening

Take a look at some of the activities our foster families have been participating in recently, and find out what events we have coming up.


Help make a child’s worries go away

As military personnel transition back to civilian life, many are faced with the challenge of finding fulfilling and purposeful careers.…

Representing fostering siblings in the North East - a young girl with her in ponytail wearing pink t-shirt looks at the camera while being hugged by younger boy with closed eyes wearing blue and white top.

The unique challenge of fostering siblings – 5 top tips…

Overview: A look at the reasons behind the need for more foster homes for siblings in the north east region.…

Woman kneeling in front of young boy in his school uniform. They are both smiling and standing in the hallway of a house with door open in the background. Representing transferring foster agency in the North East

The Fostering Company – Moving to the North East? Everything…

Overview: A look at the process for transferring between fostering agencies for foster carers moving to the North East or…

A teenage girl sitting reading a book on a windowsill - representing long-term fostering in Newcastle and the North East

Long-term fostering in Newcastle and the North East is it…

Overview: Exploring the critical role of long-term fostering in Newcastle and the North East. Plus, sharing regional fostering facts and…

A family walking along the coastline representing fostering and adoption support in Newcastle in the north east

Fostering and adoption in Newcastle – what support is available?

Overview: An introduction to the support available for foster carers in Durham, Newcastle and the wider north east for those…

Young girl in short-term fostering playing with wooden toys

The importance of short-term fostering for families in the North…

Overview: Introducing short-term fostering, how long a short-term foster placement is and the importance of short-term fostering. Plus, answering the…


Celebrating Community this Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight 2023 is celebrated from 15th – 28th May. This year the theme is #FosteringCommunties! Foster Care Fortnight 2023 is a…

Parent and child foster carer cradling newborn baby

Parent and child fostering – what are the benefits and…

Overview: Offering a brief introduction to parent and child fostering, we’ll also look at the benefits of being a foster…


How We’re Celebrating Care Day 2023!

Friday, 17 February, is Care Day – the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience! This…


The Fostering Company celebrates turning ten!

This month at The Fostering Company we celebrated our 10th anniversary of looking after care experienced children in the North…


Self care at Christmas

Christmas, the period around it, and winter in general can bring moments of real joy, but they can also present…

Queen Elizabeth

In Memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

The Fostering Company was deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. During the 70…

Foster carer
Foster Stories

Could fostering be what’s missing in your life?

“The best thing about being a foster carer is seeing them flourish. And also, out of all the children that…

stories about being a guardian
Foster Stories

Being a guardian

“What you’re actually there for is to be a guardian. To help them go through their life and hopefully make…

foster carers
Foster Stories

A sense of purpose

“The best thing about being a foster carer is seeing the difference that you’re making. Being there when a child…

Foster Stories

Amanda’s foster story

Meet Amanda, who became a full-time foster carer with The Fostering Company when she was made redundant from her career…

2022 national care day

Celebrating Care Day 2022

Today is #CareDay22 and we’re celebrating our amazing children and young people with experience of the care system. The theme we’re celebrating…

christmas card competiton 2021

Christmas card competition 2021

Congratulations to six year-old ‘MT’, the winner of our Christmas card competition for 2021! It was so difficult to choose…


Do I need experience with children to be a foster…

As with most things in life, previous experience makes everything a little easier but it’s definitely not essential to become…


Are you an experienced foster carer? Here are five reasons…

Foster carers everywhere we salute you. Every day you go above and beyond to provide a safe and nurturing home environment for a child or young person…


What type of foster carer should I be and why?

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in foster care then that’s amazing news to us. In our opinion, you’ve…

ian and michael
Foster Stories

Ian and Michael’s foster story

Meet Ian and Michael, two foster fathers from Sunderland. Ian and his husband Michael qualified as foster carers on Boxing…

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