About The Fostering Company

We’re an independent fostering provider working in partnership with local authorities and foster carers to provide loving homes for cared for children and young people.

The birth of The Fostering Company North East

We are an independent fostering agency based exclusively in the North East of England. Established in 2013, we provide safe, high quality, child-focussed, family-based care for children and young people who are looked after by local authorities. We recruit, train, assess, approve and support foster carers to promote a positive family life and achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people.

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What we do

As an Independent Fostering Agency, we provide a fostering service to the seven local authorities in Newcastle, Gateshead, South Shields, North Shields, Sunderland, County Durham, Northumberland, Morpeth, South Tyneside and North Tyneside in the North East region.

Our team of social workers all live locally and work in partnership with these seven North East councils and an amazing team of foster carers who all work hard to ensure that the needs of the children are met to high standards and without delay.

With two decades of experience, we know what is needed to help you at the start of your fostering journey and how to work with experienced foster carers too.

We are looking for more foster carers to join our team and to help positively change the lives of children. If you would like to find out more about fostering with us please call 0191 2836 445.

The Fostering Company is proud to be part of Five Rivers Child Care, a social enterprise committed to transforming the lives of children and young people.

What is an Independent Fostering Agency?

The Fostering Company is an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). Independent Fostering Agencies have been used by local authorities for over 20 years to provide suitable families for looked after children.

There is currently a shortage of up to 10,000 foster carers in the UK and Independent Fostering Agencies, such as The Fostering Company, play a vital role in providing much needed placements for children and young people.

To ensure the provision of the highest quality care, foster care agencies are subject to strict regulations and Ofsted inspections.

As an Independent Fostering Agency we can offer you many additional benefits; these are often linked to the relationship that is shared between a foster carer and the agency. Local authorities are responsible for fostering, adoption and child protection. At The Fostering Company we only focus on fostering, and as such we have become specialists in this field and have skills and time to devote solely to our foster carers.

That’s why our foster carers choose to foster with us and why so many of our foster carers stay; because of the unique relationship that we share with them. When you foster with us, you become part of our team, and that means that we’re on hand to offer any advice, guidance, training or support that you need in your time as a foster carer.

We have a huge passion for providing the very best fostering service to our carers. Ultimately, it’s an approach that’s producing some outstanding outcomes for the children and young people in our care.

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Meet our foster families

Find out what our foster families have to say about working with The Fostering Company.

"The aim is to help these children grow up in a stable loving home, whether that’s for a short or long period of time."


"These relationships with social workers and foster carers, I believe are crucial to children and young people’s experience and positive outcomes."


"Fostering allows me to try and give a more permanent positive effect to a child’s life."

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Work with us

Find out about working with The Fostering Company – view our current vacancies here.