17 April 2024

Help make a child’s worries go away

Help make a child’s worries go away

As military personnel transition back to civilian life, many are faced with the challenge of finding fulfilling and purposeful careers. One unique opportunity that often goes unnoticed is becoming a Foster Carer.

The Fostering Company NE, a small and friendly fostering agency located in North East England, offers a supportive environment for former armed service veterans seeking to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children of all ages. This new career path not only allows veterans to continue serving their communities but also provides a true sense of fulfilment and purpose, which may have been missing after leaving the military.

Camilla Hunter, Manager of The Fostering Company NE says: “We fully encourage former military personnel to consider fostering as a new career pathway. As we have experienced with some of our ex-military foster care families, fostering really does enable them to channel all their high skills and experiences into creating a safe and nurturing environment for children in need.

“As an experienced and highly regarded fostering agency, we offer extensive 1-2-1 training, 24/7 family support and guidance from our lovely team of experienced fostering professionals, together with excellent financial rewards.”

The transition from military service to foster care may seem daunting, but the rewards of helping a child overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential are immeasurable. By embarking on this new journey with The Fostering Company, veterans can continue making a positive impact on society and find a renewed sense of purpose in their post-military lives.

Camilla continues: “Listening to our foster children’s views is extremely important to us. A great example – we recently asked an eight-year-old what it was that made their life good now. To which their reply was: when they (their Foster Carers) care and help me with some of my worries, the worries all go away.”

If you think you have what it takes to help make one of our foster child’s worries go away, we need you! Call our Carer enquiries team today on 0191 574 0353 to find out if fostering is right for you, or enquire online.